Yeah yeah, I’m mean. Whatever.

At the risk of sounding like a total bitch, I’m going to have a moment of blatant honesty here. I hate people. I hate customers. That’s terrible coming from someone who is self employed. But really, sometimes I feel like the only person on earth that’s thinking straight.

2 Things:
2. Don’t wait months to contact me about an order and then have nerve to be an ass about it. Feedback be damned, I feel less inclined to help you if you’re a douche.

I do a lot of online sales. I can’t stand when an order has been shipped, a tracking number has been given, then the customer doesn’t bother looking at the tracking but will email me constantly for status updates… on a shipped order. Dude, THAT’S WHAT THE TRACKING NUMBER IS F0R!!! I don’t have time to keep tabs on every single order once it leaves my hands, that’s why a number is emailed to you…its YOUR job now!
I also hate those people whose orders are late or missing (doesn’t happen often) and they don’t say anything about it until months later. Why would you do that? Again, can’t keep tabs on every completed order. So I’m going on with life assuming everything is A-Ok, 2 months goes by and suddenly you pop up all pissed off. It just doesn’t make sense to me why you would wait so long before saying anything, then approach me with a rude, douchy email as if I have nothing else to do with my life than keep a play-by-play of your one package. Believe me, I do understand you paid money and you want your stuff. I buy stuff online all the time, I get it. But you have to take some responsibility also; track your package and make contact sooner if you think something is wrong.
I’m sorry, I’m frustrated and it just needs to be said.





Just a little sketch. She still needs some shading, and, you know, a hand and feet. 😉 I just felt like sharing.