Black AND latino/a

Ok, I just have to say this: Why is it that most people (at least Americans) cannot grasp the idea of someone being a black latino? Dude, not all latinos are light (tan) skinned. And I don’t even mean being “half” black mixed with, say, cuban. I mean being totally, genetically black of african descent and being latino. I think the point people have missed in that “latino” is not a race. Latinos can be white, black, mixed, native, whatever. I myself am not of purely african descent, but assumptions about my  race and ethnicity seem to be dependent on context. White people tend to be unsure 50% of the time and I get asked if I’m “mixed.” With black people, I think probably 85% assume I’m black, 15% ask where I’m from.  Among latinos, the assumption usually is Dominican.  I’ve also been asked if I was Brazilian, that usually happens when my hair is curly. It’s interesting.

One thing that really pisses me off though is american black people that say “You’re black! Stop denying that you’re black!” to any black person that is of another nationality or genetically mixed. That drives me insane. I do acknowledge that there are some people that will deny being black, but many of us don’t. But it seems that the expectation is if you are in the states and you look the least bit black, you have to say you’re black and nothing else. Its, apparently, wrong to check the “hispanic – puerto rican” box on a form if you are black. Being black doesn’t have to mean acknowledging your blackness and totally denying all else. It bugs me off that people still think black and latino are mutually exclusive.


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